MISSTALLICA Named One of’s 5 All-Girl Tribute Acts You Can’t Miss
Jonah Bayer,
“Sure, there are plenty of classic rock cover bands — but for some reason we never get sick of seeing all-female groups tackle songs by some of rock’s most testosterone-driven acts. [Misstallica is one of] five of our favorite superstars who have come together to prove that women can’t just rock harder than men, they can also replicate their songs so flawlessly that if we close our eyes we can’t tell the difference.”
Flowing Hair? Tight Pants? Women Can Rock That
Amanda Petrusich, The New York Times
"Misstallica played harder, faster than the words "tribute band" might imply. There was no one there who did not appear wholly satisfied. Their eyes were bright with bliss."
Misstallica Kills ‘Em All in Brooklyn
Elliot Levin, NY Hard Rock Music
“Perhaps most impressive of all is just how damn good Misstallica is - from the first chugging notes of The Four Horsemen to the final evil laughs of Master of Puppets, the band pummeled, shredded, and absolutely nailed everything that makes Metallica synonymous with chest-thumping, car-crashing, headbanging heavy metal… Short of a time machine, this is hands down the best Metallica show available in 2011, and hopefully returning to New York City in the near future.”
A Little Act Named MISSTALLICA
Ken Pierce,
“I had to give [Misstallica] credit for kicking the ass that they were kicking and how they really kept the technical structure and melodies of these tunes in place. [They were] having as much fun playing these songs as the audience was having listening to them.”
Metal is Man's Music No More; Misstallica are Masters of Mayhem
Jeremy Kay
“About 5 minutes in you forget the whole kitsch factor and just revel in pure Evil. [Misstallica] played Metallica better than Metallica...the audience was going nuts, headbanging, rushing the stage, everything. I knew I grew my hair long for a reason.”
Rock N Roll Experience: MISSTALLICA
Bob Suehs, Rock N Roll Experience
“Misstallica owned the hell outta EVERYTHING they played! What makes Misstallica a little more interesting is that it's 4 cute females who play spot-on Metallica covers, note for note, the guitar solo's are pretty much identical, the rhythm parts are perfect, the bands drummer is actually better than Lars Ulrich these days!”
CMJ 2009: Day Five 'Best Of'
Elizabeth Raftery, Blast Magazine
“Philadelphia quartet Misstallica offered note-by-note replications of early Metallica classics. Lead guitarist Gigi Gleason made Kirk Hammet’s brain-melting guitar solos look effortless. For anyone who can’t afford a high-priced stadium ticket to see Metallica nowadays, these girls are a worthy substitute.”
Ian Morales, Red River Noise Webzine
“Dawned in all black, the female quartet stepped onto the stage with the full confidence and swagger any black t-shirt rock group should have. As they began to play, their confidence was totally justified.”
MISSTALLICA @ Harper's Ferry
[Misstallica] nailed the carpal tunnel-inducing rhythms down with brutal precision as their drummer Kaleen Reading pounded away on her kit, riding the crap out of the double bass until I thought it might burst….. bass player Teddi Tarnoff held down the low-end crunch….. lead guitarist Gleason really stole the show, tearing through every classic lick and solo with a grimace befitting a deranged serial killer. It’s scary a band this young can be this damn good.
Misstallica is No Miss-Take; These Chicks Rock
D.E. Ferraris. Avalon Theatre
“Misstallica is no miss-take; these chicks rock, putting on a show perfect for metal heads, the metal-curious, and anyone who loves loud, raucous rock.”
“Misstallica; I haven't seen men behave like this since Larry Flynt”